Is Whitney Walker aka Whitney Darr a player?

Name: Whitney Walker
Other Names: Whitney Darr
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Email: moc.l1670429311iamg@1670429311rekla1670429311weyen1670429311tihw1670429311
Phone: 859-274-7515

Whitney met a guy online. From the messages we saw they talked about sex a lot and she sent him dirty pics but he did not give us those. They agreed to meet and go on dates a few times but Whitney kept canceling. Then she offered to make it up to him and have sex with him. She gave him her address and told him to come over. Of course at the last minute she canceled again. The guy asked her to met him for a date in public one last time and she never responded to his messages.

Do you think Whitney is a player or a cheater?

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  1. She is on Hinge playing the same games so she must not be married anymore

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