Is Wendy Hamby a player?

Name: Wendy Hamby
Physical Description: white, blonde, 5’5
Location: Columbus Ohio USA
Phone Number: 614-537-2724
Wendy met a man online and after texting for a few weeks they agreed to a date. Screenshots of the text messages show that Wendy did not show up for the date or respond to the mans text messages after that.
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7 Replies to “Is Wendy Hamby a player?”

  1. Wendy’s a teach and for two months she has been promising me that as soon as school is out we would have a date. Finally plan a date and then a few hours later she says she changed her mind. She did let me know though

  2. I left the last comment. Date with Wendy is back on will let you know if she shows up

  3. Wendy showed up for our date, we had a great time and she even said that she needed to get her passport renewed so she could travel with me. Texted me later saying she was looking forward to seeing me again. Next day she texted me blowing me off again. Doesn’t feel like she is playing games, just seems flaky and unreliable.

  4. No I was trying to think of a good way to ask her about it but after she flaked again I figured you people are probably right

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