Valeria Ferreira from Savannah a fake or a player?

Name: Valeria Ferreira
Description: 5’5″ tall, 125lbs, fit, brown hair and eyes
Email: moc.o1695433365ohay@1695433365enoay1695433365erf1695433365
Name: Savannah, GA USA

Val wrote a guy online and refused to send her pics. In the emails we saw she states she is into BDSM and wants to be submissive but does not want the guy to see what she looks like. She said that she works for Boeing and never shared her pics with people. She continued to harrass the guy after he said he wasn’t interested.

We couldn’t find much about her online and her Facebook looks to be a fake account (it was created the same time she emailed the guy.

Update Sept 2013: Just days after posting asking for more information about Valeria we received comments from someone claiming to have met her. At this time the person has not provided any information that can be substantiated. Even if that were true it would mean she was playing games with the other man.

Update 2015: Another man said he had met Valeria and was also played games with her online. He says she claimed to work for Gulfstream Aerospace

So is Valeria a fake or a player?

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