Is Trisha Brenton a player or a cheater?

Name: Trisha Brenton
Other Names:
Physical Description:  5’3″ 34G breasts and overweight
Location: Brookeville Indiana USA
Phone: 513-255-7803

Review: Trisha Brenton met a man online and her profile  claims she is single and looking to meet men for dating. A man wrote her and they talked for awhile before exchanging numbers. They started texting and the screenshots show Trisha talked about sex a lot. They made plans to meet for sex several times and Trisha would always cancel at the last minute but kept sending him pics of her large breasts. The man found out they had a mutual friend on Facebook and that friend told him that Trisha Brenton had been dating someone and had been planning to cheat on him. He thought that explained all her stories and canceling.

He wanted us to point out all her pics are filtered and she would never send a pic that wasn’t edited. The nudes she sent him were sent from the same weird angle of above her head and never any full length photos.

Do you think Trisha Brenton is a player or a cheater?



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