Is Tracy Ernest a player or a cheater?

Name: Traci Ernest
Description: 5’2. 135 34C
Location: Lima Ohio USA
Email: moc.o1675640831ohay@1675640831321ic1675640831artem1675640831tsuJ1675640831 and moc.d1675640831uolci1675640831@tsen1675640831re.ic1675640831art1675640831 
Phone: 419-296-8842
Dating Profiles:

Traci met a guy online. They were both into BDSM and started dating. He said he had reason to believe she was cheating on him but before he could prove it Tracy started blowing him off and not returning his phone calls.

Update December 2018: We received screenshots of text messages showing that Traci is married and was looking to cheat on her husband. She complimented the man on his hair and made fun of her husband being bald.

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  1. That is about the time I started talking to her. We never met but she sent me a bunch of dirty pics. We were supposed to go out but she disappeared. We just started talking again but she hasn't responded to my last text. If I don't here from here in a few days I will send you guys what I have.

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