Is Tonya Sabine a player?

Tonya Sabine
Tonya Sabine
Name: Tonya Sabine
Other Names:
Location: Indianapolis Indiana USA
Email: moc.l1695435632iamg@169543563228eni1695435632bt1695435632
Phone: 260-255-2400

According to the emails we saw Tonya wrote a guy on Craigslist and made plans to have sex with him. They did a few times. He found out she had a boyfriend and she wanted to leave him when Tonya asked him for money. 

Is Tonya a cheater?

Tonya Sabine
Tonya Sabine


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  1. Lmao…. complete cheater!!! I used to fuck her when she was married to her husband Scott Sabine. They divorced cause she got caught fucking someone else. Then she lived with that someone else Tony Paterson. Yet again was fucking other people for drugs this time. So in turn they split. She then lived with a guy in Waynedale and again was caught fucking someone else. Somewhere she eventually moved to Indianapolis and now lives in Marion.

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