The Short List Of Possible Fakes

While its amusing to look at the emails we are sent and pick out the fakes, that takes a lot of time. We don’t have time to write about everyone so here is a short list of names and email address…

Name: Brandon Overholser
Email Address: moc.l1670429148iamto1670429148h@o.d1670429148cba1670429148
Story: Claiming to be a woman, answering lesbian ads.

Name: Sissy Brie
Email Address: moc.o1670429148ohay@1670429148wercs16704291482yssi1670429148s1670429148
Story: Gay guy pretending to be a woman so he can meet men and trade porn pics

Name: Robert Peltier
Email Address: moc.l1670429148iamto1670429148h@7891670429148rreit1670429148lep1670429148
Story: Claiming to be a woman when answering lesbian ads. At least he was honest and admitted to being a dude when he got busted.

Name: George Smith
Email Address: moc.l1670429148iamto1670429148h@eno1670429148tacgi1670429148b1670429148
Story: Claiming to be a woman when answering lesbian ads

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