Is Tasha a crazy or a scammer?

Name: Tasha
Other Names:
Physical Description: Russian Brown hair, average height, overweight
Location: Denver Colorado USA
Phone: 720-738-1140 (scam phone number)
Dating Profiles:
Other Links:

I met Tasha on Tinder and we talked about how important honesty was. It seemed like we were on the same page so I asked her on a date and she sent me her number. When I tried adding it to my phone I got a warning that it was a scam. I thought she had typed it wrong so I asked her and she went crazy on me. Was that a scam or is she just a psycho?

(The number Tasha gave is linked to scams and the messages do show her attacking him for asking. When he politely asks if it was a mistake she responds by telling him she doesn’t care what he thinks and then sends several messages telling him how ugly and what a “loser” he is)

Do you think Tasha is a scammer or a crazy? Leave your comment below.

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