Is Tarina Martin a scammer or a prostitute?

Name: Tarina Martin
Other Names: Tarina Southard
Birthday: 5th January 1971
Description: 5’9″ 150 lb 36C Dyed hair, brown eyes
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana USA
Email: moc.l1679857579iamg@167985757917nit1679857579raman1679857579irat1679857579
Phone: 513-432-8731
Tarina met a guy online. She sent him dirty pics we cannot post and told him how she liked to have group sex with men and women. She said they were recent but many of the pics we tested were at least two years old. They made plans to meet for sex.

The guy says when he showed up she looked much older than in her pics and had gained weight. He says the sex wasn’t very good but he still liked her because she was nice. The text messages show Tarina asked to borrow a few hundred dollars to pay bills. The guy loaned her money and they made plans to go out again a few days later. When he went to her house to pick her up she wasn’t there. She didn’t answer the phone or respond to his texts after that. He thinks Tarina just wanted the money and was using sex and pretending she was interested to get it.

Is Tarina a prostitute or a player?

Update June 2018:
Another man contacted us and said Tarina had stolen from him. He provided links to proof that she had commited theft before

5 Replies to “Is Tarina Martin a scammer or a prostitute?”

  1. Too bad dude. You shouldn’t feel bad banging her – even though she LIED to you about her weight and age. She deserved to be used. But loaning her cash was a big mistake. Just say you learned a big lesson and move on. Too bad you can’t post the nekkid pics……

  2. I know she is I just got played and taken financially by the slut too… Got more info to add….. she’s living in Indianapolis Indiana, part of the time now. If she doesn’t get back with me I’ll have ALOT more information. So check back….. Dave B.

  3. Yeah I know she’s a slut, met on fbook she came off as being a decent woman/person. She just uses you and when you won’t just do as she wants or give more money, she’s out screwing 2-3 more guys telling them the same bs She told you… She proved to be the biggest LIEING cheating ho I’ve ever been involved with..

  4. Ha! I actually dated her around October of 2014 until February of 2015. She is the biggest liar and cheat I have ever known. She has been arrested many times for theft and is only after men for their money. Then we she has got what she wanted from you she’s gone. Stay away from this tramp. Total loser and slur.

  5. She strikes again! Fuck, I just made the mistake of falling asleep on her when she robbed me for $1000 worth of merchandise. Oh well, ain’t the first or last time it will happen to me, I count my blessings! Use her before she does it to you. I feel asleep at the wheel, should have dumped her day earlier!!!! Beware wayward travelers, this bitch is a bottom feeder!

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