Name: Tara
Other Names:
Physical Description:
Location: Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
Phone: 267-809-5540

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Review: The messages show Tara met a man through a dating app and shortly after he said she became “erratic”. When he told her he was no longer interested Tara responded badly and verbally attacked him. The man asked Tara not to contact him again and she continued to call and text him. He ended up having to block her.

Update April 2019: A man contacted us with proof that after he canceled a date because of Tara’s strange behavior and did not text or call her again, she continued to text him for more than 7 hours straight. These texts included sexy photos and threats.

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3 Replies to “Is Tara a Crazy?”

  1. Absolutely psycho. We had a date but she was going to be more than an hour late so I told her I wouldn’t wait. That is when she told me I should help her out by buying things for her. I told her I wasn’t buying stuff for someone I had never met and she went nuts. I also told her not to message me anymore and turned my phone off for the night. When I turned it on the next morning it blew up. She had texted me dozens of times all night non stop until early the next morning. I blocked her after that but I still have the messages in case I have to call the cops.

  2. I have met Tara in real life this is helpful unfortunately some if this was mixed up, I have know Tara many years this is not her usual behavior, I am sorry some of the details where exagerated also I would like to see some proof if this did happen like this I am sorry again she struggles in life sometimes and was very pressured in life at this time. She really can actually be a great person and is getting her life together

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