Is Tara Beetz a player?

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Name: Tara Beetz
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Email: moc.r1686142476r.icn1686142476ic@zt1686142476eebar1686142476at1686142476moc.o1686142476ohay@1686142476yasdn1686142476ildna1686142476eom1686142476,  moc.r1686142476r.icn1686142476ic@77168614247691eno1686142476tsile1686142476
Dating Profiles:
Other websites:

According to the reports Tara emailed a man on Craigslist but then stopped responding. He thinks she is a spammer but the email address is for a local internet company. Does anyone know her or have a picture of her?

Since originally posting Tara we had men other contact us stating that Tara had written them on Craigslist about having sexual relationships. One was a couple that showed they had received pictures and emails directly from Tara

Update February 2013:
Since originally posting this Tara contacted us claiming her email account had been hacked and someone used it to pretend they were her and write men. We used tracking software to prove that the person who wrote at least one of the men were using Tara’s home internet. That means it was Tara or someone in Tara’s home.  We also caught Tara in a few other lies and posting comments to this report pretending to be someone else.

We asked Tara for an explanation and she stopped responding to our messages.


12 Replies to “Is Tara Beetz a player?”

  1. Um…no! What kind of person posts this kind of shit??? 4 real though, Tara is a good, honest person.

  2. Ok, for all the world to know!!!!…. Tara is a legs wide open type of woman. Frequents CL's casual encounters section, and loves having sex with random people she meets from dating sites on the internet. I know because I myself met her from the internet, and after we had sex I helped my buddy find her, she talked to him and fucked him later that week, thinking she was playing me, but I was just sharing her. Lol….. Ha ha ha ha….
    P.s. both of us without a condom! Beware….

  3. We not post anything that not backed up without some evidence.

    We not approve comments that share contact info or threaten people.

    We have emails tara send to man on craigslist. He show her emails and ad she respond to.

  4. Some comments have been deleted because they were threatening to others or did not ad any information to the discussion.

    We do not allow threats of any kind.

    Please stay on topic, if you cannot add information that helps warn others about this person, there is no need for you to comment.

  5. My name is ***** and I would like you to remove my post from February 6, 2013 about Tara Beetz. I posted this in a fit of anger and distress. I never slept with Tara, nor did my friend. Tara turned me down when I asked her out and I was angry. I lied about what happened. I ask that you remove my post, please.I can provide additional information/proof if necesrry.

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