Suzanne Mendoza a player?

Name: Suzanne Mendoza
Other Names: “Latina Bianca” and “Bianca Appolonia”
Birthday: 7/7/1977
Physical Description: brown hair and eyes, 5’8 about 165 lbs
Location: Everrett, Washington
Email: moc.o1679856837ohay@1679856837ainol1679856837oppA_1679856837acnai1679856837B1679856837
Phone: 206-476-0924

A man says he dated Bianca for awhile. Then shortly after they started dating she asked for money to help pay her bills which he gave her. Then one of his friends recognized her from the escort ads on and he realized Suzanne had been lying to him about what she did for a living and using him for his money.

So is Suzanne Mendoza a player?


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