Is Susie Robertson a cheater?

Name: Susie Robertson
Other Names: Susan Robertson
Physical Description:  5’8″ blond hair fit with big butt
Location: Brighton Michigan USA
Phone: 734-735-9503

Review: Susie Robertson had a profile on a dating site that said she was single and looking to meet men for dating. A man wrote her and they talked for awhile before exchanging numbers. They started texting and the screenshots show Suzie talked about sex a lot. She admitted she was already dating someone but he couldn’t satisfy her sexually and she wanted to have sex with other men. The screenshots also show the man asked if her boyfriend  knew Suzie was talking to other men and she said he did not and wouldn’t like that.

Do you think Suzie Robertson is a cheater?

6 Replies to “Is Susie Robertson a cheater?”

  1. Susan Robertson is definitely a cheater , I dated her for a few weeks and she preaches honesty and loyalty and does quite the opposite, she has cheated on everyone she has dated and is constantly looking for the next best thing . No surprise her husband divorced her!!
    Susan is a train wreck , mentally not all there , constant complainer and yet she constantly assures you she isn’t and she admitted to me she walks around unclothed in front of her little kids and sees nothing wrong with it !
    There is a reason she is single so my advice to you would be RUN as far away from her as possible and with regards to her big butt it’s actually huge and more of a lumpy cottage cheese butt!!!

  2. I agree Susan is an absolute cheater !!!I talked to her briefly after meeting her on a dating app. I found out quickly what an Appalling human being she is . She constantly talked about sex and I mean constantly and it was apparent that’s all she was looking for .
    She also admitted to me she had a boyfriend or someone she was seeing and he did not satisfy her sexually. She is just not a nice person. She also preached to me how she is a good person as well as a church goer and yet she is an apparent cheater and she asked me if I was 420 friendly .so you can make your own assumption as to what that meant . What a joke !!! I wanted nothing to do with her and told her I wasn’t interested and wanted someone with morals and good character and she apparently had none.
    I googled her name just to see who I was dealing with as she came across as not very interested in meeting someone for a relationship but simply for sex that’s when I came across karmasiren along with other similar articles with regards to her lack of morals and one person said he even witnessed her picking her nose and eating her boogers , how disgusting is that ! who knows what she has contracted being so Promiscuous! I would agree with the previous replier run from this mess of a women!

  3. I met her about 4 months ago. All she did was talk about how little her Ex husbands junk was. She just said it was the smallest thing ever. Then she wanted me and my friends Ben M to tag team her that night!!! No thanks!!!

  4. Well this comes as no surprise what I am reading here about susie !!
    I dated susie for a few months until I found out she was talking to and screwing other guys behind my back !! She was having sex with them in her mini van that she uses to take her little kids everywhere in !!!very discusting human being here, a complete loser and yes she complains all the time ….OMG sooo annoying !!
    I agree with everything I have read about this worthless women and She has a huge butt very lumpy and soo out of shape !, all she does is eat ice cream and smoke her dope , this wonen is a counselor at a school , can you imagine this horrible person with no morals or ethics giving your child advice !!!! What a joke and I have personally seen her eat her boogers , I came out of the downstairs bathroom abs she was on the couch and must have not noticed me in the room and she was up to her nuckle deep in her nose and stuck it right on her mouth … I about threw up , I had to leave .

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