Is Stevie Dawn Coulter a player or a scammer?

Name: Stevie Dawn Coulter
Phone: 513-748-2162

I met Stevie online. She was much younger than me so I should have been suspicious from the start. She would send me nude photos of herself and talked about sex a lot. She is into some crazy sex, being beat up and things like that. We were supposed to meet for a date but she never came to where we were supposed to meet and when I tried calling she never answered. She talked about money a lot so she may be a scammer.

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2 Replies to “Is Stevie Dawn Coulter a player or a scammer?”

  1. She did the same thing to me about a month ago. Sent dirty pics, we texted and then in the middle of a phone conversation she hung up and never responded again. We weren’t talking dirty or anything. Just about what our plans were for the weekend.

  2. Yes she’s a little lying slut, who will have sex with to get what she wants for the moment, then next day drop you ad move in with the next guy

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