Is Stephanie Morrill a cheater?

Name: Stephanie Morrill
Location: Bowling Green Kentucky USA
Email: moc.x1670431228mg@mm1670431228dcs1670431228
Phone: 270-535-4479

Stephanie Morill met a man on Tinder. After they talked and Stephanie even sent nude pics, they made plans to meet. Before date Stephanie admitted she had a man and wasn’t able to meet him because he found out.
Update October 2016
Another man saw Stephanie Morrill here. They had also made plans to meet and Stephanie never showed up. He contacted Stephanie again after seeing her here. Stephanie admitted to blowing him off so he wanted to add to his review.  He provided evidence that she had sent him nude pics and they had planned to meet for sex.

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  1. hate bitches that play games like this – if you’re going to have an affair, then just be honest with your playmate – tell the dude, then have fun – don’t play games. There’s nothing worse than some cheatin’ chicks b/f or hubby finding her cellphone activities then calling her boytoys to threaten them.

  2. I know this person, in fact she does have a steady b/f. He’s good to her and her daughter. Would have never suspected this nature. Hopefully this is only a rumor or misunderstanding. If someone feels the need to leave/keep their options open they should not lead on that person in their relationship, its not fair to anyone.

  3. Stephanie I still have the pics of you nude. I didn’t share them before because all I wanted to do was warn the next guy about you so you don’t waste his time like you did mine. You can stop lying to people or I can share them as proof

  4. apparently she’s not learned her lesson……….get a divorce, woman or at least be honest with the guys you hookup with what your intentions are……….

  5. To the person who keeps trying to comment with their email address. We don’t allow that. We post the review that comes from the reviewer. The rest is up to you to decide

  6. I know Stephanie well. These are all a bunch of lies. What a shame people use the internet to make up gossip and lies to hurt others. Use your overly abundant free time to work on making yourself a better person instead of trying to hurt others.

  7. They aren’t lies. I told the truth and have the nude pics of Stephanie to prove it. Do I need to post those somewhere?

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  9. I met her in the summer of 2018. She told me she was bisexual and like having a bunch of different crazy sex. Didn’t mention anything about cheating so I don’t know anything about that. We had made plans to have some fun but she ghosted the weekend we were supposed to hookup

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