Is Stace Roe aka Stacy Downing a player?

Name: Stacy Downing
Other names: Stace Roe
Stacy Nicole Roe
Description: 5’9, overweight, 36C
Email: moc.o1685826838ohay@16858268384102_1685826838lrig_1685826838tacdl1685826838iw1685826838
Phone: 937-728-3057 9377283057

Emails show she contacted an older man that had posted an ad online wanting to date. After talking for awhile she explained that she expected to be paid for her time and sex. When he balked she never showed up for their first date. She may also be using multiple names

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  1. She did something similar to me. Wrote my ad on craigslist and after awhile she started talking about needing money all the time. We made plans and after she broke our second date I stopped calling her.

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