Is Shelley Merenda a player?

Name: Shelley Merenda
Birthday: 1980
Physical Description: 5’8 overweight dyed red or brown hair
Location: Noblesville Indiana USA
Phone Number: 317-500-9966
Shelley met a man on an app and said she was looking to meet someone for chemistry and to have fun. Screenshots of  their text messages show that the talked about sex and what kind of men Shelley was into then made plans for the date. Shelley then did not go to meet the man and stopped responding to his texts.
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  1. Matched on bumble and had plans to meet this weekend. She asked for a pic of what I really looked like which is hypocritical because all hers are filtered and doing the fat girl thing where they take the selfie from an angle so you can’t see how fat they are. Were supposed to have our date but I haven’t heard from her so I am guessing she is playing me too

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