Is Shannon Landis a player?

Name: Shannon Landis
Other Names: 5’4 few extra pounds, dyed hair
Physical Description:
Location: Oakland California USA
Email: moc.o1686143245ohay@16861432452002w1686143245oemyt1686143245tikrr1686143245uP1686143245

Review: The man sending us screenshots and information about Shannon Landis. He had the same experience as many others on this website. He met her online, they corresponded and he was a bit suspicious because she wouldn’t send any pics that were new or not edited. He agreed to meet her and she never came out or responded to any of his messages after that. He asked us for help figuring out if Shannon is a player with all the games or just a fake. We did verify she is a real person.

Is Shannon Landis is a player? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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  1. How old are these pics? There are no dates on them but she is still using them and saying they are recent

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