Is Shahawna Arlinghaus a player?

Name: Shahawna Arlinghaus
Other Names: Shahawna Cox
Physical Description: blonde 5’3
Location: Kentucky USA
Dating Profiles:

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Review: She is hot and we met on Tinder. Talked for awhile and made a date but she didn’t come just totally ghosted. Couple weeks later I see Shahawna on a friend’s Facebook and asked my friend about her. My friend was surprised because she said Shahawna had been dating a guy for awhile like 6 months or something. My friend didn’t believe me until I showed her the messages. Find out when she was supposed to meet me she already had a boyfriend and was cheating on him and that explains why she ghosted. Don’t let these women think they can use guys and cheat and they don’t have to be decent people just because they are hot.

Is Shahawna Arlinghaus a player or a cheater? Leave a comment below.

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  1. This is me and it’s all lies. I was married for over 10 years and have been
    single for 2. I don’t even have facebook nor have I dated anyone
    seriously since I have been single. I have never
    made a date with someone and not shown up nor have I ever cheated. This is all lies.

  2. I am very puzzled by this post. I have not had a serious relationship in about two years now. Not since my ex husband. Please post the name of the fb friend. Because I did have it at one time. A lot of the people on my friend list are only acquaintances who would have no clue if I was seeing someone. When I had fb I never really posted anything either. So you are welcome to ask her the name of my boyfriend as well. Because at this point I’m curious ….

    I have a pretty good idea who posted this. I dont date that often so it was not difficult to figure out. To be honest I felt a bit disrespected several times when we texted. Maybe that was not on purpose. Plus, we also never made definite plans and our schedules did not match up at all. It would have been several weeks before we could have met. We were also talking during a time my daughter went into Children’s Hospital as well. She has down syndrome, airway issues and a tracheostomy. She has been in and out of the hospital since birth and that can be verified by anyone who was on my fb friends list. When she is there its hard for me to focus on anything but her. That’s honestly why I lost interest.. Please take this down. Because I am not a cheater. And it’s pretty mean.

  3. I also talked to her online a bunch. We had talked about going out but never made plans and then she ghosted. When I saw her again she said she had been dating someone and they broke up over the holidays. Then she disappeared again. At the time I believed she was getting over a breakup but now it seems like she was lying.

  4. Dating someone casually off and on and it ending and cheating on a serious relationship is two different things. What was posted says I cheated on my boyfriend. It was not a serious relationship and we were both seeing other people. I have cheated on no one and obviously if I’m asking to post the name of the fb friend and his name I am honest. You are welcome to contact him as well. I believe he is with someone else now.

    As far as the ghosting my child was admitted to Children’s Hospital. I cant focus on anything when she is there except her. And by the time she got out it had been like 2 weeks later and I felt silly texting then. We did Make A Wish a few years ago so I am sure you can understand how serious it is when she gets sick. Ask the fb friend. She can verify that. My apologies for not explaining that.

    If you are the kind of guy to post revenge bullshit online like this I am glad it ended. This is stupid and mean.

  5. And by the way the fb friend was someone I haven’t seen since high school.
    I remember being asked about her when we were talking.
    Its interesting someone I have not seen in 25 years is an expert on my love life.
    This is why I dont have fb or date much. Because of garbage like this.

  6. I didn’t report you, I went to send you a message on FB and your account was gone. Curious if anything happened to you so I googled you and found this.

  7. I didnt do anything wrong on purpose and didnt deserve this. I’m a good woman. I’m on fb again if you woukd like to speak to me.
    Other than that I’m not going to bother with this anymore….

  8. I don’t know what to believe. If what they say is true you have do to this to guys and have no clue which one I am. If you are being honest then it shouldn’t be to hard to figure out which one I am and you can reply to our previous conversation on Facebook.

  9. Yes Shahawna is as fake as her breasts. She’s a Tinder troll! Buyer beware.

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