Is Savana Malone a player or a fake?

Name: Savana Malone
Other Names: M Ledbetter, Savvana Malone
Birthday: 1978
Physical Description: 5’6″ 138lbs 34B size 6
Location: Bend Oregon USA
Phone: 541-788-5339
Dating Profiles:

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Savana Malone met a guy online. The guy says they texted for awhile but she would never answer when he called. The man said they made plans to meet but she didn”t show up and she stopped responding to messages. He thinks because they never talked she is some kind of fake or scam. When we looked up the phone number the name on it was “M Ledbetter”.

Is Savana a fake?

Update: A man says he met Savana Malone on Tinder except she was using the name Savvana spelled slightly different. He says he was really impressed by her because her profile mentioned wanting a man that was chivalrous. They exchanged numbers and the text show her saying she wanted someone honest who didn’t play games. He says he tried calling a few times and she would never answer but always reply by text. This man also made plans to meet Savvana Malone and she didn’t show up for him either. He found the review of her on our website. He said because she talks about honesty so much and then lies she is some kind of player.

Is Savanna Malone a fake or a player?

4 Replies to “Is Savana Malone a player or a fake?”

  1. I am not a fake, just not interested in this dude from tinder. Perhaps he did something creepy, or made me feel my safety was at stake. Girls gotta be safe when online dating.

  2. I know your measurements because you told me all about yourself and what kind of sex you are into. I sent them pics of your texts they should post those with your phone number unblocked so all the world can see what a “dirty girl” you like to be. If you didn’t want to meet then say so but don’t play games. Teasing me and not showing up is a dick move.

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