Is Sarah Martin aka Sarah Saunders a cheater?

Sarah Martin Saunders
Sarah Martin Saunders

Name: Sarah Martin
Other Names: Sarah Saunders
Physical Description:
Location: Columbus Ohio USA
Email: moc.o1686143275ohay@16861432752116t1686143275ruT1686143275

Sarah answered an ad on Craigslist saying she was married and she planned to get a divorce but until then she wanted to have an affair with someone.

Is Sarah a cheater?

Sarah Martin Saunders
Sarah Martin Saunders
Sarah Martin Saunders
Sarah Martin Saunders

17 Replies to “Is Sarah Martin aka Sarah Saunders a cheater?”

  1. Was introduced to her by her friend sarah. She seemed cool at first but after 2 or 3 weeks blocked me on facebook. Stated that she super insecure and that she was thinking I was cheating.
    Now that I see this post on karma siren explains a lot of her actions.

  2. Hey [name removed]… if you knew anything about me, which clearly you didn’t take the time to remember… [name removed] and I separated in 2013. He was engaged shortly after we separated. And we ended up getting a divorce in 2017.

    I never cheated on him. He cheated on me. And whoever wrote this god forsaken thing is ridiculous.

    Thanks for slandering my name across the internet. You do realize I could sue you for this, correct?

  3. Also… in case you forgot us talking about this… here is the timeline for you again:

    -Dane and I separated February of 2013.
    -I moved to where I’m living now in April of 2013, and I can show you a picture of the lease agreement date.
    -this slander was made in August 2013…. even though I was already separated and living on my own with my kids.

    Sure, I may have still been married legally, but we were not living together. If anything, we were at each other’s throats.

  4. I’m sure my emails say that I’m still married bc we were married but we separated in February… and this post was made in August. Obviously I made a huge impact on someone and they decided to get bitter and post stuff like this.

    I was just recently “single” and had no idea how to have a relationship. So whoever posted this.. I apologize for treating you the way I did…

    I never cheated on my husband. In August, I was living on my own with my kids while still married. We didn’t get divorced until 2017 but he was engaged shortly after we separated.

    And a lying, crazy bitch?

    You fucking bet I am. I’ve been through a lot of shit. Everyone has. Welcome to 2019.

  5. Why don’t you approve thing I posted on November?

    Oh, you won’t. Bc it proves everything about this post wrong.

    My sister actually laughed out loud when I showed her this. Absolutely ridiculous.

  6. We get many comments and reviews often when we approve some it is old. Time is taken to approve things we not online every day. That mean date on review is not date we receive review. Also helps us keep information private about person sending review. Emails show you say you married and want to cheat.

  7. I’m not even on tinder! I’ve never been. And I’m proud to say I’ve never been on that app.

  8. This girl has been on POF, tinder, bumble and every other site I’ve seen. Lol I’m pretty sure I was talking to her on both sites at one time

  9. She’s back on POF again all watch it! She’ll turn on you like a viper.

  10. I had a really fun date with Sarah. She seemed fine to me. No craziness or lying that I was aware of.

  11. Sarah are you the same Sarah Martin that my husband just admitted he was “seeing” ?? You are in Ohio, right?

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