Is Sara Kucharski a cheater?

Name: Sara Kucharski
Other Names:
Birthday: February 24
Physical Description: 5′ 0″ 113lbs, 34C-27-36 size 4
Location: Denver Colorado USA
Phone: 720-660-9514
Dating Profiles:

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Sara met a man on Tinder and they had sex. The man also had nude pics Sara had sent him. They were supposed to meet again but Sara never showed up. When we looked her up our search found out Sara is married.

Update May 2019 – A man contacted us with texts that Sara had sent him stating her husband was bad in bad and she wanted to have sex with a real man. He also had photos of them having sex together.

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  1. She is definitely a cheater. We met up on Tinder and hooked up a few times. I got dirty pics to send you to prove it

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