Is Rose a player or a scammer?

Name: Rose
Other Names:
Birthday: 1982
Physical Description: white woman, blonde hair
Location: Columbus Ohio USA
Phone Number: 740-682-5425
A woman calling herself Rose met a man on a hook up app. Her profile said that she enjoyed rough sex and being a “unicorn” for couples. Screenshots of the messages show they agreed to meet for sex and Rose gave the man her phone number. When the man tried calling Rose never answered and there was no voicemail. Rose also never called him back but would text.
Scammers avoid talking on the phone because they do not want their victims to hear an accent. The number Rose gave the man was from a fake phone number app and not an American cell phone number.
Do you think Rose is a scammer or a player?

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  1. The scammer is using pics with sunglasses and hats to hide the face but you can still tell its not the same woman in every pic

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