Is Richie Pena a Player or a cheater?

Name: Richie Pena
Other Names: gingermoney, socaltraveler
Physical Description: 5-10, broad, stocky, big butt
Location: Placentia, CA
Email: moc.l1695429128iamg@169542912892yen1695429128omreg1695429128niG1695429128, moc.l1695429128iamg@16954291280891a1695429128nepdr1695429128ahciR1695429128
Phone: 714-993-2814
Dating Profiles:,

Review: Richie Pena is a compulsive liar and cheater. He will lie of his whereabouts and loves the rush of finding a new woman and having them being a victim of his deceit. Please be careful of this man. He is very good at lying and once you question him, he will blame you, so be careful. He is very good at manipulating

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  1. Without a doubt this is all true about Richie Pena… he’ll seem like a great guy at first but it won’t last long. He’s mentally abusive, passive aggressive, plays mind games, nothing will ever be his fault, a habitual liar, when he’s caught lying he’ll get angry and try to spin it on you, as well as a cheater. No matter how much time he spends with you at some point he is still looking for/talking to/ seeing other women. He’ll also be on websites for dating and hookups (he’s really good at trying to be deceptive). Not only is Richie a complete lying cheat, he’s also possessive, jealous and will make comments as if you’re the one cheating or acting shady. He talks a lot about needing trust in a relationship… the reason he wants you to trust him unconditionally is so he can be deceitful without being questioned. With all of the games Richie plays he makes you question yourself even when you have evidence that he’s lying… which I was stupid to let happen to me multiple times sadly enough. It’s a very long story but I confronted him with this post and one other post that I found online about him today…. he got all angry and defensive at first, then was trying to tell me the person who posted it was crazy, that he spent thousands of dollars to get a restraining order on her and she’s doing all this stuff to get back at him… too bad everything she posted is exactly what I’ve been going through with him the last 3 months. For all the times I started feeling bad about myself thinking maybe it was all in my head or maybe he was telling the truth and I should believe him I finally feel validated; helped me to open my eyes and stop lying to myself about what kind of person Richie really is. Needless to say I shared some choice words with him and told him to get out of my house.

  2. He’s 40 and still acting like this? I would’ve thought he’d changed by now, bet he still sounds obnoxious too. Be careful of STDs with him. He sleeps with multiple women at the same time and does everything he can to not wear a condom. He’s dirty.

  3. This guy is seeing an ugly girl now. What goes around comes around. Probably using her too

  4. Lol @ his new girlfriend
    She’s probably being used just like the rest of them and he’s buttering her up on his marijuana business

  5. [Comment removed because it is about other people and not the person being reviewed]

  6. I am a victim of his cheating. [ comment edited because it was about other people]
    All the photos he poses with her on social media is a front to his family because they don’t want to see him a hot mess. He continues to cheat on her and with others. We used to meet at my house on a regular basis and he would tell me he was going to leave her. He won’t because he’s too invested with her and doesn’t want to disappoint the family. I am not the only one. He loves subservient blond girls and is a real dominant man. Don’t fall for this man!

  7. I am a victim of his cheating. I was going through a tough time mentally and thought by seeing Richie, it would help. Nope. He kept saying he would leave A, but he won’t. He is seeing multiple females and loves being dominant to subservient women. He likes medium built women. Doesn’t matter the age because he’s a womanizer. Always has been, always will be.

  8. Can’t feel sorry for you. Repeatedly posting about his behavior, isn’t going to change anything….obviously. A knows all about him, but ignorance is bliss. If she pretends it isn’t happening, she doesn’t have to deal with it. He will gaslight her until he is blue in the face. He’s a narcissist and will never take responsibility for his behavior. Everything is everyone else’s fault…everyone posting about him is crazy and trying to ruin his life. The sooner you accept who he is, the sooner you can take the power away from him. He will always play the victim. We will always be the bad guy in his version of the story. A will eventually get tired of the lies and harassment from the other women he’s lying to.

  9. How can you be a victim if you know he has a girlfriend??? You’re living in denial. His current gf will believe whatever he says, so don’t act surprised. He will use you along as you let him. Stop letting him!!! Can’t feel sorry for you anymore lol

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