If you make threats of ANY kind we will double requirements to remove you and charge you 500$USD bitcoin. If lawyer or 3rd party contact us on your behalf we charge immediate and extra 2000$USD. All payments must be made in bitcoin.

Removal must be done by the person being reviewed and no 3rd parties. Once the person being reviewed has completed the removal process information posted will be removed in 1 month to 2 year at us choosing. Cooperative person who follows instructions perfect get 1 month. Person who tell stories and threatens legal steps get longer. Wait time is to keep away games and people who cause trouble.

AFTER reading the FAQ, if you would like to be removed follow the instructions below.

If you are the person being reviewed choose one of the options below and AFTER choosing one option  contact us by email.

In your email include all of the following (ALL 6 ITEMS ARE REQUIRED):

  1. Start a new email by clicking this link  
  2. In the email put your first and last name
  3. Put how you found out about KarmaSiren
  4. Put a link directly to the page you want removed
  5. Choose one option from the list below and state you wish to do that
    (we do NOT listen to stories or options not listed below)
  6. State that you read the entire Terms of Use  found here and you must state that you agree to them

If you do not follow those instructions exactly, we may not respond.

If you have questions read our FAQ before contacting us


Option #1: Make Amends (free):

Ghosting now common review so we add this option. You contact the reviewer on your own (no help from us) and meet together in person. They send picture of you together and we remove review. Picture must be sent from same email address that make review.

Option #2: Change their mind (free):

You contact the reviewer on your own (no help from us) and make amends to them so they change their review to positive review.

If you want them to review you positively here are a few tips. Excuses waste more time and play more games. Threats only make people angry. Try being nice. Admit what you did wrong and apologize. Most people just want to be treated honestly and with respect. Lying and being mean or nasty is how most people end up here, not how to fix it.

The person who made the review has to contact us directly and post a new, positive review of you. Review minimum 500 words and must explain what they did and how they fix problems. Reviewer contact us from same email account as before so we know it is them. If you do not know how to contact them we suggest you post a comment on review and wait for them to respond.


Option #3: Help Spread The Word (free)

Many people make the excuse that the reason the lied, cheated, played games or are crazy is because of other people. Report those people and you will be removed. Review 3 other liars, cheaters, players or crazies. (include proof) for every review that you want removed. Reports must meet all criteria here


Option #4: Proof of Repentance (free)

  1. Contact us and we will give you a message that says something like
    “I am sorry for being a cheater”
    “I promise not to lie to people anymore”
  2. Write that message on a piece of paper
  3. Take a proof pic like described here (make sure you can see your face and read the message we give you)
  4. Email that photo to us, unedited (no filters, cropping, blurring, changing the file name or editing in anyway)
  5. We will take down the story about you and replace it with the pic (the contact info reported will stay up)
  6. After 1 year (more if you make trouble) with no more reports we will remove your page/report.


Option #5: Charity Work (free)

  1. You contact us stating you wish to do charity work
  2. We contact the person who reported you and ask if they agree
    (If they do not agree or no respond the process ends and review stays up)
  3. If they agree we choose a charity.
  4. You volunteer for 10 hours of work at that charity
  5. You provide proof that you worked there for 10 hours
  6. We remove the review