Is Rashay Layman aka Rashay Khripunova a cheater or a crazy?

Name: Rashay Layman
Nickname or Other Names: Rashay Khripunova, Shay Layman, kiskatied, Tiger_Lilly
Description: 5’2, blue eyes, dark blonde hair
Location: Columbus, Ohio USA
Email: moc.l1685660503iamg@1685660503wemyt1685660503tikak1685660503sik1685660503
Phone: 614-402-9021
LinkedIn: and
Dating Profiles:

I met her online but she called herself Shay and we start talking it up and she is really into kinky shit. She sent me these dirty pics and I have more. We were supposed to hookup but she didn’t show and totally ghosted after that. I looked her up on Facebook and find out this entire time we been talking she is with some guy and cheating on him.

Update April 2017:
Another man contacted us and said Shay had done the same thing to him. He showed us text and emails proving they were dating and that Shay was into fetish sex then she ghosted on him.

Update June 2017: Rashay contacted us admitting the above reports were true but then made several excuses and told stories that we do not believe given her history of dishonesty.
– She claimed she is on medication for mental illness.
– That her husband was abusing her but did not provide his info or any proof of this so we could not post her review of him.
– She claimed the reason she lied to people was because of how men had treated her and hurt her before

Shay agreed to report the men from before so she would be removed (option 3 on removal list). Shay then found went online and found new men to report. Those are not the men she blamed for her lying so her reviews are not being removed. Because she contacted these men not to meet as she told them but with the intention of reporting that may be further evidence she is a liar or a player.

Update October 2017: Another man says he met Shay on a BDSM dating app called KinkD. He included screenshots of her profile and pictures of her playing with herself in the bathroom at work (some pictures not posted because they are to graphic for our website).

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22 Replies to “Is Rashay Layman aka Rashay Khripunova a cheater or a crazy?”

  1. She just did the same thing to me. I wish I had googled her before I wasted my time playing games with her

  2. To the guy who posted she just did the same thing to him. Do you know her boyfriend? His name is Vlad and I want to tell him what she is up to

  3. This is total horse shit. [content removed] making plans and not showing never happened. Secondly, people can be in open marriages and then separate. Just bc you chat to someone on the internet and want something from them and don’t get it, doesn’t make that person wrong or a cheater! If someone stops talking to you, maybe take a hint tht their not interested anymore. Probably something you said. This all sound rejection issues these posters are having

  4. This is literally her husband Vlad. We have an open and kinky marriage so she is for sure not cheating. I’ve read every text sent and she was nothing but nice to every guy she has spoken with over the years. We have also played together and at swingers clubs. It’s a lifestyle choice and not illegal and accepted by many people. Just because a woman decides not to sleep with you or date you doesn’t mean she is a player or a bad person. Posting all her information like a crazy stalker is also just plain pathetic. Plenty of fish in the sea guys. Move on and stop wasting your time attacking a woman in a situation you know literally nothing about. Hope this clears everything up.

  5. She ghosted two weeks ago and then last night emails me. Says the other guy on here is lying and she doesn’t do that sort of thing. I know that she does treat people like this because she did the exact same thing to me.

    She made a bunch excuses for what she did to me and claims she really didn’t do anything wrong. Then this morning she writes me again says I should be defending her on here.

    Seriously. After screwing me over and doing NOTHING to make things right turns out the only reason she even contacted me was to get my help taking this down.

  6. Well she didn’t tell me she was in an open relationship so maybe she wasn’t cheating on him but she was definitely lying to me.

  7. I think she is crazy. She went nuts blowing my phone up about how this is all my fault. I pointed out I wasn’t the one that put her on here and I wasn’t the one that lied and played games with people.

    Then she asked me to help her again so I told her to contact the guy who did post her and ask him. I got the impression she does this to so many guys she doesn’t know who you are.

    She has ghosted on me again so all her stories and apologies were just more of her games. She does nothing but lie.

  8. Can you imagine having to spend all day with that kind of crazy?

  9. HA! She doesn’t care about lying and hurting other people but when she gets busted she acts like the world is going to implode. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

  10. Rashay keeps writing me crazy emails begging me to help her, making excuses and telling stories. I told her a dozen times that no one is going to believe her stories because we already know she lies. I asked her what she was going to do to make up for all her lies and the trouble she caused me but she never responds to those questions.

  11. Just throwing this out there–i babysat for this psychotic woman. None of this surprises me at all. She is FUCKING crazy and definitely isn’t a woman of her word. Happy to hear that her and Vlad got divorced

  12. This woman is absolutely crazy. She wrote me an email saying that if I would help her get off this website she would bake me cookies. Like I am the one who caused it. That after all her lies and games somehow cookies will make up for it. That anyone would dare eat what she made? She is crazy enough to hurt someone. When I told her no she went nuts and said I was harassing her but she is the one won’t stop harassing me.

  13. You will never believe it. Right now she is an MBA student at Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio. she had a sexual relationship with another student there ( a quiet young student in his mid 20th). She F….d with him even in one of the classrooms at Frasch hall Building, and now that he wanted to stop it, she is threatening him to tell everyone that she was raped by him.

  14. Definitely crazy possibly dangerous would definitely like to save her own face regardless of who it would hurt

  15. [Comment removed because it violated our User Agreement]

    Note to Rashay. There many websites that can verify photos are real and not changed. No one ask you for money and many ways to get off list if you be good person. You have problems because you not good person

  16. This woman is just crazy. She had also a sexual relationship with a worker at her last job and when he wanted to stop it because he was a married guy, she threatened him. He had to go to talk to the human resources and he had to hire a lawyer. They fired her immediately and now she is without a job.

  17. hey, this is Rashay Khripunova or Rashay layman.

    an awful person. a hater, manipulator who can do anything to get what she wants even harming other people. Be careful people….do not f…..k with her…I mean it literally. do not have sex with her.

  18. This is our Rashay Layman and now she goes under the name of Rashay Khripunova to find a job. She did the same in Sierra club with Matt where we all worked together there. She had s sexual relation with him and he thought she was not married (She did not tell him) until he figured out that she even has a little girl as a kid. He was upset and he stopped everything and then she started harassing him and threatening him. He did report all of that to the HR and even to the police and somehow she did not want to leave him alone so they fired her. She is an awful person. She like to go between the nail and the meet to hurt people and get what she want if not, she will try every thing to put you in trouble.

  19. I have never met a hypocrite person such as Rashay layman aka Rashay khripunova aka Rashay. K yet in my entire life. She lies, She likes to be the center of attention and she likes to make trouble if she does not get what she wants. She feels she belongs to those rich people who do not shit (she is selling her kid’s clothes to gain few backs online in closet) – – and she tries to mistreat the others to feel that she is really from that category.

  20. Ignore this woman and do not give her importance. She is the kind of cheap crab called KAREN.

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