Is Rachel Grisham aka Rachel Taylor a player or a prostitute?

Name: Rachel Grisham
Other Names: Rachel Taylor, Jenna Abner, cmebnangel, sexmetalbarbi69, RACHELNCINCY
Birthdate: July 8 1974
Location: Williamsburg Ohio USA
Email: moc.o1685483368ohay@1685483368legna1685483368nbemc1685483368
Instagram: and
Dating Sites:

[Rachel has left several comments that this information is made up and trying to share the personal information of the people she blames. The links to the court records that show she has been convicted of theft, violence and has restraining orders against her prove that she is lying].

Rachel met a guy on and they made plans to meet a few times and have sex but she never showed up. About a year later Rachel answered an ad the same guy had on Craigslist. She didn’t remember him but he remembered her. When he asked her about it she lied and said she hadn’t been on AFF even though it was the same email address and pictures. Then Rachel stopped replying to his emails. He went back to her AFF profile and she had removed all the pictures (as seen below).

So is Rachel a player or crazy?

Update Aug 2013: Another man wrote us and sent some pics of Rachel. He said he knows Rachel personally and she has always been very “stuck up”. He said that Rachel thinks because she is attractive she doesn’t  have to be nice to people and often dates men based on how much money they have or what they will do for her. He sent us updated pics of her.

Update 2016: A reader contacted us and provided a link that shows Rachel has been arrested multiple times for theft, domestic violence and violating restraining orders. They stated that Rachel was mentally ill and dangerous. He provided this ling

Update 2017: Another reader contacted us with more information about Rachel including sex sites where she was looking for money and a sugardaddy.

Update 2017 #2: Another man met her on Tinder and said she was selling video sex on snapchat under the name RACHELNCINCY and on Chaturbate

30 Replies to “Is Rachel Grisham aka Rachel Taylor a player or a prostitute?”

  1. Yes I know Rachel and the above comments are very accurate, she’s a gold digging, compulsive liar and a thief. Caught on two occasions by the police. Her record speaks volumes. Posts and manipulates people out of money and asks them to deposit in her PayPal. She uses Sexmetalbarbi69, Rachelncincy and Jenna Abner on her profiles. Rachel will play the victim to reel these men in and then get them to foot the bills.

  2. She used to strip now her daughter does at a club in Dayton. Rachel just trades sex for money and gifts. I will send yall a bunch of stuff

  3. Rachel never hid the fact she wanted a sugar daddy. I helped her for a month or two until I got tired of it. I could have spent much more than I did. I didn’t find Rachel greedy. When I told her I was done she went away, no muss, no fuss, no bother. She is genuinely a beautiful woman and she is smart. I liked her then and I like her now though presumably she has moved and we no longer communicate. Last message from her was a bit hokey but it doesn’t really matter. When it was time to leave she left. She could have created problems but she did not do so. It didn’t matter to me that she posed nude and sexually explicit. Rachel was fun to know and I have no regrets or animosity.

  4. Rachel is crazy. She is saying her most recent ex had to get a protection order to get her to leave… so did the ex before that. After trying to kill herself twice in his home with her daughter and pulling a gun on him he had to go to court, try and get a CPO and eviction notice. She would only leave after he paid for her a new apartment. She lied when he would try to leave her and tell him she was pregnant on several occasions. She even asked him money for an abortion. She had her friends pee on pregnancy test for her. Rachel creates these fantasies either good or bad that these men wrong her… it’s not the case. She is nuts… like seriously needs mental help in an institution. She lied to his family… she lied o him… left her kid at times with him for days and would run off… texting to say the child would be better with him and he would have to take the child to her grandmothers. She would lie and say he bought her an Audi… he didn’t… she would lie and say they arrangement for him to be with hookers as long as he gave her money… didn’t happen. She would say his home was hers and she is no where on the deed. She is a chronic liar sociopath.

  5. It won’t let me up load videos or I would. Can you suggest a way?

  6. This lady is crazy gold digging nut job! She is a total manipulating thief. She is truly a mans worst nightmare! She totally does play the victim role so she can gain sympathy and get money and gifts from men and whoever else will give her anything. What she is currently doing to her most recent ex (husband #3). She is lying about everything she possibly can and posting it all over Facebook and wherever else she can. He is a nice guy who is totally getting slandered by this woman. She should be slapped with a defamation of character lawsuit and be locked up with the key thrown away for what she is doing to this guy. She’s posting everywhere that he abused her physically and mentally and in every way possible. He never laid a hand on her. She posted pictures of a door that was kicked down but she failed to mention that he never laid a hand on her and the reason that he kicked the door down was because she stole his car keys so he couldn’t leave. This woman is a monster. All these men are completely crazy about her because she post all these nude photos of herself, which the funny part is I’ve seen pictures of her that she hasn’t got a hold of to Photoshop and she really does not look anything like these pictures. She’s just an older lady with cellulite and wrinkles who is great at photo shop. If you seen her without make up, you would not even recognize this woman. All I can say is she must wear about 5 pounds of make up before she takes her pictures and video because it looks nothing like she actually looks. She even stole some paperwork of a close family member who is sexually violated and posted it on pate Facebook to make it look like her ex-husband did it to her which has now caused that relative and her not to be speaking. There’s just no end to what this woman is capable of. She is seriously mentally ill and she does need locked up and she needs serious help and medication. She is the kind of person that if she is not stop, she will probably eventually be on one of the episodes of snapped or something similar. I am not even exaggerating and no part of what I’m saying is the slightest bit of a lie. Meanwhile while she’s posting all the stuff about her ex-husband, she text him some days over 100 times without him responding even wants. She’s actually stocking him. She’s trying to make his life in danger right now and it’s sick. She’s making up such horrific stories that aren’t even true about their relationship and trying to make as many enemies for him as possible. She has even gone so far as to have someone to video him and his grandchild at his home which is way back in the middle of nowhere. This proves she is having him watched and who knows what else. This woman is capable of anything and if she hasn’t stopped, I know something bad is eventually going to happen because of her! I just hope and pray that law enforcement gets involved Somehow put an end to her manipulation and lies. All she is trying to do is sell her pictures and her videos for money. She does not want to work, she claims she has MS and is very sick… yet she was just in Las Vegas throwing hundred dollar bills around walking the city like she was 20 years old and 5 inch stiletto heels the whole week! Then she goes around to people that know her and brags about all the suckers that send her money for doing nothing but posting her HEAVILY PHOTOSHOPPES photos of herself with a bunch of lies and poor me stories. If you know this woman, beware…because she is nothing but trouble and she will take you for everything you got and then she will discard you. Or she will get you kicked out of your own home so she can stay in it while you pay all the bills! If you are ever around her, put your pocketbook away because if you turn your back for one second she will take it. One of her hobbies is going around to stores, mostly thrift shops and places like Snooty Fox – stealing them blind. She knows all of the stores that don’t have cameras or heavy security and she takes full advantage of it. She brags online of how she hasn’t bought herself anything in over a year which is probably true but she fails to mention that everything she has gotten for herself is stuff she stole not bought. Except for all the money she is scamming all these poor pathetic man out of…. Home she laughs at at the end of the day for being suckers. Please, do not let this woman for you. She is truly the devil in disguise

  7. Rachel continues to power text her exhusband who she “claims” abused her. She torments him daily with these type text along with trying to make people hate him on Facebook/social media with her lies and manipulation! She has lied and manipulated so bad about him on Facebook that there are people making comments saying things like “they know someone who can make him disappear. I am going to try to put the screenshots on here if it will let me or I will just copy what she sent and put them on here so people can see what this woman truly is like. She is a monster!

  8. Also, it says Williamsburg, OH on here as her location but she moves around from hotel to hotel like a gypsy all around the Cincinnati, Ohio area and more than likely the Northern Kentucky area as well. She also frequents Las Vegas and Louisiana. There is a sugar daddy there who has fallen for her lies and manipulation who help support her there. She just went to Vegas and told everyone her father died which was why she was going. That was a lie her father is alive and well!! The reason she goes to all these hotels is because she likes to have different backgrounds for her pictures. Also she wants everyone to think she is homeless and in and out of battered women shelters and safe houses which is a total lie. I doubt she’s ever checked into one of those wants. But that’s part of her game is telling people that she’s a battered woman and she is in and out of shelters. Meanwhile, she’s spending mass amounts of money staying at different hotels pretty much every night! She is more than likely getting rides from people or doing Uber. She went to jail within the past year for violating a protection order that her husband actually had to get on her because she scratched him and hit him and I’ll kinds of stuff and she let her car get repossessed while she was in jail because she didn’t make the payments for 5 months! Right now she is threatening her ex-husband constantly because she wants to sell their personal and private sex videos they recorded together to the public for money. He does not want that to happen and she is threatening him. I can’t get into hell she is threatening him but she is definitely putting him in danger right now! This is when she is not begging him to give her another chance and go to counseling with more of her lies and manipulation. Then she turns around and tells people she’s in hiding from this man. It’s insane

  9. I can confirm that everything posted here is true. I had a few week correspondence with her mostly out of curiosity after I quickly figured out her game. It was actually quite entertaining. She’s doing the “safe house” routine and claims she is in brown county with “Sheila”. She drives to Clifton to see her “shrink and team of doctors”. She was definitely driving she sent me a vid close to the Rockwood exit but I’m sure it was to turn a trick or scam some gullible tool that actually falls for her B.S. my Tumblr and Snapchat conversations with her are quite hilarious. She’s a talented liar but when she gets crossed up and it’s obvious she goes into lash out mode. I could go on but you get the picture. She eventually figured it out that I was the one playing her and she went off the rails. She would make a good psychology PhD student thesis subject.

  10. I AM Rachel Grisham. You’re all just pawns in his twisted game. You need lives.

  11. Go to toddkenwood on tumblr to see the screen shots of our last exchange. That’s an example of the type of insane this chick is. I could add a ton more but I’m not putting any more effort into this. I think any man who reads all this and still moves forward with getting involved with her deserves the disastrous consequences. Actually, she is a psychopath and I would find it interesting what she would score on the Hare evaluation.

  12. Maybe you get what you give? Rachel was fun and the worst thing she ever did was to tell people I either “was” or “was not” her sugar Daddy. Can’t remember but it made no difference to me. She was just “open” about it in restaurants where she didn’t want staff to think badly of her. Being quite a bit older than she, it made no difference to me what she did or didn’t say about that. If I were to bump into Rachel, today, somewhere, I would not hesitate to give her a small hug and kiss on the cheek. She never “done me wrong,” as they say.

  13. I seen her pictures, and have corresponded wit her. Does anyone have any current information about her activities and where she is living now, what she is doing, etc. are there things that are current as of this year 2019

  14. She been lying and cheating and stealing for years. What difference does it make if she is doing it right now?

  15. You must have been rejected by her or something..
    [Comment edited to remove information not about person being reviewed]

  16. If that guy doesn’t understand why you want to mess with her that doesn’t mean he was rejected it means he is smart. She is dirty and an addict you will get a disease messing with her

  17. I am learning more and n=more about Rachel. She has multiple Facebook pages. She says she lives in Hebron KY. Tells me she lives in Virginia. Other places say she in a striper in Ohio. She avoids the truth at every turn. When I confront her she goes off the rails like a freaking savage dog. Meaner than hell. I am not sure she really knows the truth..

  18. She has burnt everyone in her life. Her parents,brother and even her own daughter. Stay away. She is evil .

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