Is Rachel Browning Kosien a player or a cheater?

Name: Rachel Browning Kosien
Other Names:  Rachel Browning Reynolds
Birthday: 1973
Physical Description: white woman with brown eyes and dark hair
Location: Ohio USA
Phone Number: 513-550-7966
Rachel met a man on Tinder and said she was just looking for someone to go out for drinks and have fun with. The screenshots of text messages show they talked about sex and set up a date. The day of their date Rachel stopped responding to his messages and ghosted him.
When we found her FB account it says she is in a relationship since June 2019.  Do you think Rachel Browning Kosien is a player or a cheater?
Update November 2022: A man sent us knew pics of Rachel and her tinder profile. The screenshots he shared show Rachel also made a date with him and then ghosted before the date happened. Her Tinder profile has been updated but she is using the same pics that are many years old. In her profile Rachel admits she plays games and ghosts people. Her FB profile still says she is in a relationship.

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  1. Definitely a player she ghosted me and her profile even says she does it I will send you some stuff

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