Is Patricia Ferraro a crazy or a cheater?


Name: Patricia Ferraro
Location: Florida
Email: moc.o1675639210ohay@1675639210fsuhs1675639210irt1675639210
Dating Profiles:

Patricia met a guy on Tinder and they talked about hooking up. From the messages we saw she got mad because he didn’t respond immediately so she unmatched him on Tinder. She kept messaging him directly though. One minute she was asking him what he would do to her sexually, then telling him not to contact her again, then asking him to forgive her and tell her what kind of sex he wanted to have. The last message she sent was that she wasn’t interested because her boyfriend called and wanted to get married.

So is Patricia a cheater or crazy?

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  1. yoooooo she is my teacher she is not crazy she is not a cheater ohhhhh wait she is both

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