Is Pat Dugan a scammer?

Name: Patrick Dugan AKA Pat Dugan
Email: moc.l1685827066iamg@1685827066nagud1685827066.t.kc1685827066irtap1685827066
Phone Number: 614-390-2484 6143902484

A man posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a single woman to have sex with. From the emails we saw, Patrick wrote another man and offered to let a guy have sex with his girlfriend “Molly”. The man asked for a normal pic of Molly and Patrick said the man had to send nude pics first. The man refused and Patrick said he wanted to have sex with the man.

This is a new one we haven’t heard of so we thought we should ask all of you. Anyone know anything about Patrick and Molly? 


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