Is Pamela Limbaugh in Texas a player?

Name: Pamela Limbaugh
Other names: Pamela Brambila
Location: El Paso, TX
Email: moc.o1685478805ohay@1685478805taerg1685478805smap1685478805
Phone: 9155641796

Pam is another one that met a guy on Tinder looking for a hook up. They made plans to meet for sex but she never showed

October 2015 – Another man wrote us and stated that he knew Pamela as Pamela Brambila. He stated that she was known among her male friends for using men for sex and money, then ignoring them afterwards. He also provided proof that she often made fun of fat people.

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  1. She’s a scumbag, uses men to her advantage. Her body is disgusting she resembles spongebob Square pants even after she got ass implants and a titi job. Her fantasy world is to find a man to marry her but she can’t keep a man the way she can’t do anything else

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