Is Paige Archer a cheater?

Name: Paige C. Archer
Other Names: Paige A. Banks, Paige Archer, Paige Banks, Camilla Archer
Birthday: April 25, 1969
Physical Description: 5ft 7in   Caucasian, Red Hair, small lateral scar on upper chest
Location: currently in Macon,GA, Guatemala as of July 2017
Twitter:  p_banks4516
KIK: (don’t know, but she admitted using it to set up hook ups)
   Paige was married for 25 years. She had been in that relationship for 28 years. She is the mother of two grown children, a school teacher, a runner and a vegetarian.  She used the anonymity of her cell phone to reach out to several dozen men, from all over the country and had multiple affairs while married. In 2015 alone, she had over 6000 texts and phone calls to men she had met online. At no time, during her marriage, did she ever mention to friends or family that she was unhappy. She admitted to her infidelities, when confronted with names, dates, locations and receipts (which were confirmed by a private investigator).
    In her divorce settlement, she was required to pay for any STD/AIDS treatment or testing that her husband might require because of her pervasive cheating and sexual behavior. That I am aware of, she has not contacted any of the men she had sex with, their wives/girlfriends to advise them to be tested. She is moving out of the country and I suspect that she will not contact them, even though their health might be at risk. Her actions involved lying, stealing (or at least misappropriation) and manipulation of those closest to her. She even lied to her best friends, who abandoned her when the real truth was revealed.

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