Is Omar Pineda a cheater?

Name: Omar Pineda
Other Names: “Jr”, “O”.
Birthday: April 7th 1992
Physical Description: 5’7, long brown hair, brown eyes, mexican, a couple of tattoos
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma USA
Instagram: sso_666666
Dating Profiles:
Other Links: (his wife) _ljp_91

Review: this guy is a SERIAL cheater. He uses Plenty of Fish the most, but last I know he deleted his account he almost got caught. He gets off work at 3pm and then tries to cheat on his wife, [name removed] until around 6:30/7:00 when she gets off work. He brings girls to the apartment he shares with his wife of almost 10 years and their DAUGHTER. He also apparently is willing to meet up behind walmart? hes desperate and digusting. His wife needs to find out who he really is because she has no idea. If anyone comes across him online or in Tulsa, OK PLEASE try to exspose him to his wife. She has no idea and deserves to know. He has her social media on his phone and prevents her from getting messages. Something needs to be done, he’s a serial cheater and it needs to be brought into the light once and for all. He’s been doing this since AT LEAST August of 2017. It’s time to be done. He lies and says hes single or seperated, and says his wife cheated on him and he can’t stand her. Nasty. He will lie about anything and everything. If he knows you catch on, he blocks you and changes his IG name if he thinks you know it. Currently his is sso_666666 but he’ll probably change it. It used to be omargosh007. His wife’s IG is [information removed] but you can easily find her on FB as well.

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