New List of Possible Fakes

Name Unknown
Email: moc.l1675637507iamhs1675637507uh@771675637507knip1675637507
All we know is that this person responds to ads and at the bottom of the email it says “Sent using Hushmail”. They never write more than once and never send a pic or any other info about themself.

Name: Dawn Clark
Email: moc.l1675637507iamg@16756375072102k1675637507ralcn1675637507wad1675637507
Sends out nude pics that are supposed to be here. Never sends out normal pics or responds to questions about herself, only seems interested in getting dirty pics. 

Name: Unknown aka Boo Who
Email: moc.o1675637507ohay@1675637507005oh1675637507woob1675637507
This person claims to be a woman interested in men and couples but never sends a picture or any information in return.

Name: Beth Nacev
Email: moc.l1675637507iamg@16756375078002v1675637507ecanb1675637507
Not sure if she is a player or fake, writes saying she is a woman, talking dirty and asking for pics but then disappears

Name: unknown
Wrote saying she was real and would send pics if he was. Man replied but she never sent real pics

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