Is Nena Morgan a player?

Nena Morgan
Nena Morgan

Name: Nena Morgan
Other Names:

Birthday: 1987
Physical Description:
Phone: 937-219-9134
Snapchat: DarlingNena
Dating Profiles:

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Nena met a guy on Tinder, they texted and talked about sex. The messages show she sent him dirty pics using snapchat. They made plans to meet but Nena never showed up at the restaurant. The guy texted her a few times and she never responded again.

Is Nena a player?


Nena Morgan
Nena Morgan
Nena Morgan
Nena Morgan

2 Replies to “Is Nena Morgan a player?”

  1. sounds like someone got salty she didn’t put out, probably didn’t send pics either. Maybe if he wasn’t a perverted loser I would’ve gone out with him . Go fucl yourself , LOVE Nena

  2. Why is she surprised that a guy is salty after she sends dirty pics and then stands him up for a date? Maybe if she wasn’t a lying whore sending dirty pics around the internet she would’ve avoided this

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