Is Nalva Martin a cheater?

Name: Nalva Martin
Other Names: Nalva Rodriguez
Physical Description: 5’5 and overweight
Location: Hamilton Ohio USA

Nalva met a man on Facebook dating app and told him that she was married but her husband was lazy and hated soccer. The man asked if she was in an open relationship and Nalva said her husband didn’t know she was on any dating sites and she was looking for someone to cheat with.

The man tried reporting Nalva to Facebook but they allow cheating (there isn’t even an option to list your relationship status in your profile) so he found us.

Do you think Nalva Martin is a cheater?

One Reply to “Is Nalva Martin a cheater?”

  1. This woman is not only a cheater but completely crazy. Even has a little dog she carries with her everywhere named Bella steer clear of this whacko

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