Is Monica Segrist a player?

Name: Monica Segrist
Physical Description: 5’6, nose piercing, brunette, hazel eyes
Location: California USA
Phone:  760-668-0055

Monica Segrist met a man online. The messages show they talked about having sex and exchanged numbers. They began texting and made plans to meet for sex. The man went to the place they agreed but Monica never showed up and stopped responding to his messages.

Update 2019: Another man sent us screenshots showing he knew this woman and she had done the same thing to him. That her name was Monica Segrist and she now lived in Dayton Ohio USA

Is Monica Segrist a player?

3 Replies to “Is Monica Segrist a player?”

  1. I just ran into her. She said she was always honest and not into playing games but scammed me. I don’t know her last name but I have pics of her I can send. She lives in Kettering, Ohio now.

  2. She is a total player!! Uses everyone she meets to get what she wants. Don’t trust this woman unless you want a TON of baggage.

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