Is Monica DiCristofaro a player?

Name: Monica DiCristofaro
Phone: 513-501-5043

I want people to know what a player Monica is. We met on Tinder and talked back and forth. We kept making plans to meet but then she would no show everytime. My buddy also matches with her on Tinder and she lies to him and says she isn’t talking to anyone else. She makes plans with him but then never comes out either. Girl is total player.

2nd review December 2018:
I matched Monica DiCristofaro on OkCupid. I am sending you all the texts where she told me about how bad men had been to her and how she wanted someone that would treat her well. We talked for a few weeks and made plans to meet but she never came. The messages are attached when she admits she had a date with another guy at the same time as our date and got drunk and forgot about me. I googled her and found her on here. She sent me nude pics and she is overweight which is why she never takes pics of her whole body. She didn’t show up for our second date either. I  her why she didn’t even apologize. Her excuse is that she only cares about herself and that its ok to lie to strangers and play games with them. Yeah she really says that I am including those texts too.

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