Is Miwah Matsuda aka Leylani Rei a player?


Name: Miwah Matsuda aka Leylani Rei
Location: Alabama USA
Email: moc.o1679661417ohay@1679661417ierin1679661417alyel1679661417 aka moc.l1679661417iamg@1679661417adust1679661417amhaw1679661417im1679661417

Emails show she wrote a guys personal ad but refused to send her pic. In those emails she seemed very stuck up and selfish. She talked a lot about how guys come to her and how she didn’t have to send her pic. She made a lot of excuses about that and kept changing her story.

She also said she didn’t care about what he was looking for, she just answered his ad because she was bored and admitted to playing games. The guy she was corresponding with pointed out that it was mean to waste peoples time or say what she wanted was more important than others. He told her he wasn’t interested and that is when she got nasty with him.

Does anyone have any pics of this possible player?

Update: A reader has reported that this person is actually using several names and is also known as Miwah Matsuda. Miwah Matsuda is a woman that we had similar reports about but not been able to gather enough information to post. We searched for her on FB as the reader suggested and actually found 2 different Facebook profiles. With that information we were able to put together that three different men have reported her under different names or profiles.


miwa matsuda moc.l1679661417iamg@1679661417adust1679661417amhaw1679661417im1679661417

5 Replies to “Is Miwah Matsuda aka Leylani Rei a player?”

  1. I will glaaaadly send in a picture of MYSELF. Did he happen to tell you that i told him I'd send a picture if he did and that he also refused..? Of course im not going to send my photos out to some random guy that was being a total jerk. The internet spreads quickly i mean look, I've already found this and i didnt even know this site existed. 🙂
    and i'm not rude at all btw im actually quite nice ^__^ and find this QUITE funny 🙂
    Hopefully people find better things to do with their lives.. have a nice day!

  2. This is sad really. She's only 19 and I'm sure has not had the best life, but at some point you must grow up and take responsibility for yourself as an adult. She has slept with married men and continues to sleep around without having a care in the World for who she hurts. She is nothing more than a whore.

  3. I exchanged a couple emails with Leylani a few months ago, and she was very nice. We didn't have much to talk about, so we didn't continue emailing. But she was nice. I think I sent her 3 messages, she replied to the first couple and then didn't respond to the third one. But that doesn't make her a player or a bad person or someone worthy of getting her name tarnished on the internet. Its sad that insecure people can't deal with private matters privately.

  4. hay boo boo i bee tinkin bout yah way to much we need to dew lunch i miss you! shouldah wouldah couldah? have loved you 🙂

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