Is Misty Swetnam a player?

Name: Misty Swetnam
Other Names:
Birthday: August 1981
Physical Description: red head 5’4
Phone: 513-316-2042 

The screenshots show Misty met a man on Tinder and they talked about sex and made plans to meet for sex. Misty never showed up though and stopped responding to his messages.

Update June 2019: The messages we saw show that Misty Swetnam met a man on Tinder. They talked for awhile and Misty asked the man to send sex pics that we cannot post. They agreed to meet to have sex and Misty told him about how she wanted to be controlled during sex. Then she ghosted on him. The man was worried about her and found our website. He eventually accepted that she was playing games with him like she had other men.

Do you think Misty Swetnam is a player?

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10 Replies to “Is Misty Swetnam a player?”

  1. Meet her on Tinder and she seems really nice. How do I know this is true?

  2. I still don’t want to believe this is true so I will give her a chance before I contact you. At least give her a chance to explain

  3. You guys were right she led me on for awhile and played me. I was worried something had happened to her and trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and she didn’t care at all about me.

  4. I have received many scary texts through what this website and tinder have posted. I have quit tinder: so maybe that’s why I didn’t answer, or maybe they scared me. Talking on tinder doesn’t make a relationship – psycho…instincts don’t lie. Can provide photos that this was not just one psycho.

  5. Also, I don’t send nudes, anyone who actually knows me would know that I’m not going to do that

  6. We misunderstand text messages you sent man about sex and wanting to see pics. The man that report you contacted us so we fix that in review

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