Is Missy Lykins a cheater?

Name: Missy Lykins
Location: Maysville Kentucky USA
Email: moc.o1685483670hoz@e1685483670cnada1685483670sefil1685483670
Phone: 606-571-5529

Missy responded to a man on Craigslists personal ad. The messages show that they texted back and forth for awhile. They made plans to meet after she got back from a camping trip but she didn’t show up. She later responded to his texts that she was married and her husband almost caught her. The man reported her to us after that.

One Reply to “Is Missy Lykins a cheater?”

  1. This slob of a woman is the worst. Married and bored and looking for thrills at the expense of gullible or trusting guys. Had an angry b/f threaten me once and it’s no fun. That’s what happen when game players get caught. Bet you anything she’s doing it again.

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