Is Melissa Clark a player?

Name: Melissa Clark
Description: 5’5 148 34DD
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Email: moc.l1679659112iamg@16796591121wons1679659112selra1679659112ef1679659112
Phone: 317-800-0806
Dating Profiles:

Melissa met a guy online and they talked about dating, made plans the usual stuff. She didn’t show up for the date though and stopped responding to the guys messages. He also said the pics she sent were all of just her face and edited or colored. When he asked for pics that weren’t colored and showed the rest of her she made excuses.

Update August 2015:
Another man showed proof that he had met Melissa on Tinder. They talked and she sent him dirty pics. They made plans to meet a few time and she wouldn’t show up. The guy was stupid enough to keep trying and she kept making plans with him and then blowing him off

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