Is Meghan Layhee aka moc.l1686140537iamg@1686140537eehya1686140537lnage1686140537M1686140537 a fake?

Name: Meghan Layhee aka Megan Layhee (she spelled it different in different emails) and stacey mitchell
Email: moc.l1686140537iamg@1686140537eehya1686140537lnage1686140537M1686140537
Location: Oxford, OH

Meghan wrote a guy on Craigslist and in the very first email she started talking about sex. The guy saw the picture above and though this seemed a little to good to be true. He did a google search for how to tell if someone is a fake and contacted us. We told the guy to ask for a proof pic and she wouldn’t send one.

He forwarded us the pictures she claimed were her and her emails. We found that they had been stolen from the internet and that she spelled her name differently in different emails.

So who is Meghan Layhee aka Megan Layhee? Is she a fake?

Update: Someone is again sending out these pics and new ones using the name “Stacey Mitchell”


Meghan Layhee Stacey Mitchell

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