Is Meesha Houser a cheater?

Name: Meesha Houser
Other names: Isabella Matthews
Email: moc.o1695432651ohay@169543265158res1695432651uohah1695432651seem1695432651 aka moc.o1695432651ohay@1695432651sweht1695432651tamll1695432651ebasi1695432651
Phone: 859-907-7471

In the summer of 2011 Meesha wrote a guy on Craigslist and they talked for awhile. One day she told him that she was married and really just looking for a sugar daddy. He is hoping someone out there will see this and tell her husband.

Update 2012:
Its been almost a year since we first reported on Meesha. Another man wrote us and said he had also run into her. They talked for awhile and she had told him she was divorced. He said he tried planning dates with her a few times but she never showed up. He got suspicious and did a google search and found her here. He gave us the pics we added to her online album.

Update August 2012:
Another man wrote and said that Meesha also contacted him but used the name Isabella Matthews

6 Replies to “Is Meesha Houser a cheater?”

  1. Do not trust this girl, she prefers men who are married or in relationships because it's more of a challenge for her! Of course she's looking for a sugar daddy to support her four kids since her husband left her for being a lying and cheating whore. Don't let her face fool you, she's one of the biggest whores that Clermont County has to offer.

  2. She is a whore with kids, looking for someone to take care of her and the kids. One of the kids ain’t even hers, but what I hear from her friends and family she won’t let the kid see the mom. Oh and she’s going on her 3rd marriage and she is in her 20’s.

  3. We do know what we’re talking about.. I was very good friend with her.. She doesn’t let her niece (the child that’s not hers) see her mom. She only has her because she’s trying to get money from the state..
    She treats the little girl like crap while her kids get the best of everything…
    She drinks daily and takes drugs to lose weight.. She was talking to other guys while she was married (her husnand was a saint).. And ended up leaving him for one of them. She Got married the 3rd time and a year later it’s over and she’s on the hunt again..
    Her husband took so much crap from her. She’d curse, yell, and hit him… Do not trust her (men or women) she’s a snake..

  4. She’s a liar and cheater. She does drugs and drinks to lose weight. She cheats on whatever guy she’s with. She’s with a new one again, and its only been a Couple months and she’s already pregnant.. She’s been married 4 times now and continues to cheat on them..she’s a horrible mother and only cares about her self.. BEWARE… DOUB DON’T GO OUT WITH THIS GIRL OR EVEN BE A FRIEND TO HER…. SHE’S MESSED UP..

  5. [Comment removed because it is not from the person being reviewed or about them. We hide identities so that people can leave reviews without being harassed and threatened from people like this]

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