Is Mary Bast aka a crazy?

Name: Mary Bast
Other names: Lttlmstrblmkr
Location: Cincinnati Ohio USA

According to the email reported, Mary answered a personal ad by telling the guy how much she hated her body, job and that all men were “assholes”. That her life was in no way good and it was all she could do not to give up and die.

When he responded that he was not interested she started harassing him and cursing at him.

Our internet elves did some digging and found her Facebook page which is kind of scary (and shocking that more than 100 people would be friends with her)


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  1. Hello Malicia. It is nice that you stick up for your friends/family. The emails we saw showed Mary continued to email the man several times after he told her he was not interested. She cursed at him, used foul language and more. Most people would call that harassment. We understand your friend Mary may be mentally ill but that does not make her actions and there effects on others any less real.

  2. all comments must be approved by the blog author? who would allow some of these things to be posted on a public forum? i doubt anyone was harassed. put in their place maybe, but not harassed. it was probably someone whose advances were denied, but unfortunately after too much personal information was shared. this does not belong on a cheater/faker/player site.

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