Is Marta Sebastian-Kubesch a player?

Name: Marta Sebastian-Kubesch
Description: 5’8, thin, blonde, blue eyes
Location: Richmond Indiana USA
Phone: 765-969-1086

Marta met a man online and the evidence he sent us showed they interacted through texts a lot but she always had an excuse not to talk on the phone. Several times they made plans to talk or to meet she would cancel at the last minute.
He thought she may be a fake or married and cheating. We found her Facebook and that doesn’t seem to be the case. Is Marta a player?

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  1. I’ve known her since she was in high school. Last contact was a weird weekend in Vegas about 5 years ago. I wouldn’t call her a player, but she’s a strait nut job. Try not to believe much of what she says. I sat at bars with her during that weekend saw her continually misrepresent herself with regard to name, occupation, connections, etc. it was weird.
    She has amazing nipples. You could put a dress shirt on a hangar and prop it up. Quite impressive.
    I think she actually has money from a marriage, but given her loose relationship with reality this could also be a myth. The source of her lifestyle is a subject of mystery and speculation.
    Major. Major. Extremely major pothead.
    But nice tits. Go for it.

  2. So a woman is expected to go out with every man she chats with on a dating site? That could be quite dangerous. I’m sure I told this person who is hiding behind a cloak of secrecy that I did not want to meet them, that is my right as a woman who is dating online. It would be impossible to meet everyone who pressed for you to meet them. Also many guys don’t post photos but they go after women who have posted photos, that is not right. No photo men should only contact no photo women.

    I did nothing wrong. A player lies about feelings of love to manipulate to gain something whether it be the score of fooling someone and breaking their heart , misleading them into thinking you love them when you don’t, saying you love them to get them to sleep with you.

    I am divorced. I was divorced. I am single. I flew to Vegas and did not have any drugs of any sort with me. I made my own money through work, my mother died and left me a little inheritance. Misleading in Vegas??? No idea.

    [some comment deleted it about other people and not person reviewed]

  3. Texts show you make plans several times and lead guy on but cancel at last moment. People can read review and decide if it is ok for you to do that to people who think you are sincere and will show up

  4. I’m sure I did not confirm a meeting. So, yes, prove it.

    And if I did set a meeting and did not keep it.. how is that being a player? The harm is that the person’s feelings were hurt because I did not want to meet them? How did I play them? We never met. I did not use them. I did not lead them on if I never met them. I was probably too nice and if a guy can not post what he looks like and says inappropriate things why am I a player for choosing to not meet them.

    I did not agree to meet. I might have said maybe or some other polite thing that means no without crushing someone. I have had my feelings hurt by true players who say they love you just to use it as control to gain something then get the satisfaction of telling you it was all fake, they played you. I did not feel the need to whine on a website. Karma is far more clever than anything this website can offer.

    And the other post is just someone’s opinion from afar. How was he hurt by me?

    I am good with my karma
    Peace be with you

  5. We not post messages because they can be used to track reports. We leave it up to people to read review and decide like on any review website

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