Is Mariateresa Sestito a crazy?

Name: Mariateresa Sestito
Other Names:
Physical Description: medium height dark curly hair and overweight
Location: Dayton Ohio USA

The screenshots we saw show that Mariateresa Sestito met a man on Tinder. She admitted to him that she was looking for sex and that most American men could not satisfy her because she liked sex that scared them. The man and Mariateresa agreed to meet but she kept making excuses and putting him off. The man asked what he could do to make things easier for them to meet and that is when the messages from Mariateresa went crazy. She called him names and attacked his character. The man took screenshots of the conversation because he thought her reaction was crazy and sent them to us. Mariateresa only had one photo in her profile and it was very old. Below are current pictures of what she currently looks like.

Do you think Mariateresa Sestito is a crazy? Leave a comment below.

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7 Replies to “Is Mariateresa Sestito a crazy?”

  1. I think she is beautiful and shame on you for making judgements when you don’t have both sides of the story. This website should be shut down. Maria, you are beautiful and don’t listen to this nonsense.

  2. It is sad to see such rubbish on the internet. I am friends with Maria. I find her to be a very pleasant, sensitive lady. [comment edited to remove information about other people]

  3. [Comment removed it violates TOS]

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    If you want to make comment about someone else send in a review about that person. Person reviewing Mariateresa Sestito show pictures of messages from her. We require all reviews to have proof like screenshots of messages.

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  4. She’s not crazy, she is just a bitch that will make your life miserable if she doesn’t get her way. Glad I don’t have to work with her anymore.

  5. [comment removed because it was about other people and not person in review]

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