Is Maria Stratman a player?


Name: Maria Stratman
Other Names: Maria Smith Stratman
Email: moc.l1686137617iamg@1686137617airam1686137617namta1686137617rts1686137617

A man wrote us asking for some help. The guy said he met Maria online and he really liked her but something didn’t seem right. From the emails supplied to us they corresponded sporadically over a few months and then Maria admitted she was in rehab.

Maria’s pic was small and blurry so he asked for a new one. Even though in several of her emails she mentions her iPhone and every time he asks for a pic she ignores him. He asks for a description and all she will say is 5’5 and she has no idea of her weight, measurements or even bra size. He asks how old the pic on the website is she tells him she cannot remember when she took it. After he asks her specifically to take a new picture with her phone she sends him ones that are obviously really old, like 20 years old.

This guy wrote us and asked us if we knew any tricks to help figure out the truth. Of course we did and below is the picture of Maria from a DUI arrest in January 2013. She was then arrested again in 2015 (credit goes to The guy also said she is much older than she said in her profile.

Would you, our readers, consider her a fake for pretending to be something she is not? Or a player for doing things that mislead people and not being honest? Leave a comment below.

Pic of Maria Stratman taken during 2013 DUI arrest

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  1. Hate to admit it, but years ago the same sorta thing happened to me. Fortunately, I wised-up over the years and learned the warning signs. Any chick who won’t send current full body shots, won’t meet up early-on, always has excuses not to meet = fake or attached women. So good to see the truth about this one! I had to do my own investigation to bust my fat old bitch who was posing as a younger woman using fake/old pics. Good luck.

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