Is Marcella Turner a player or an escort?

Name: Marcella Turner aka Marcie Turner
Birthday: 1969
Phone: 513-551-9622
Phone number as escort: 513-206-0197
Birthday: 1969
Email: moc.l1695430053iamy@1695430053renru1695430053talle1695430053cram1695430053
Email as escort: moc.l1695430053iamg@16954300538896e1695430053nolil1695430053

A man from Indiana claims he was dating Marcella for a few months and then she hit some hard times and needed help. He supported her financially and even helped with her family. According to the emails thats when things got strange. He believes her sob story was faked or she was cheating on him and he is hoping someone can help him figure it out.

Update: Almost 6 months later another user has reported hearing from Marcella. He says she contacted him through a personal ad offering sex and sending the same nude photos we have plus a few new ones. When she never showed up for the date he did a search for her online and found her here.

Update: A woman contacted us and said that she knows “Marcie” personally. She claims that “Marcie is always getting mixed up in drama” and constantly has money problems that she uses men for.

Update January 2019:
We were contacted with links to several escort websites that had Marcella’s pictures. The phone number listed is registered to Marcella Turner. Some websites had more than 20 reviews of Marcella’s escort services and nude photos.


9 Replies to “Is Marcella Turner a player or an escort?”

  1. This is TOTAL BULLSHIT obviously posted by an ex boyfriend none of this is true!!!! This issue will be resolved!! Oh n if I wanyed money for sex then why wouldn't I have showed people are stupid!!

  2. We have the emails you sent and the pics of you nude and playing with sex toys to the second guy. In the emails you said you took them just for him.

    So how did the ex have them? Unless you were lying to the new guy.

  3. The original post from ex 2 post says i didnt show n if i did say i took them for him well them i musta when i text them i didnt have boyfriend havent had boyfriend since may of 2011 its all still bunch of bullshit!!!

  4. LMFAO. I can't believe anyone would actually WANT nude pictures of this chick. Dat face… *shudder*

  5. I used to talk to Marcella and she sent me those same pics. She blew me off and kept playing games with me to. We never did meet, always had an excuse. So I got suspicious and found this. When I asked her about it she made all kinds of excuses. Said it was an ex and she wasn't really like that.

    When I busted her because she had been doing the same thing to me and sent me the same pics saying they she stopped talking to me.

  6. I dont know what all u guys are talking about.I know Marcie.She has never played head games with me.We still get together every once in awhile.Very nice to me.Maybe she just didnt like you.

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