Is Malinda LeMay Meza a Player?

Name: Malinda LeMay Meza
Other Names: “Silkandlace Leathers”
Location: Nicholasville, KY
Email: moc.o1695431019ohay@169543101921evo1695431019lotna1695431019mowa1695431019
Dating Profiles:

Malinda wrote a man on Craigslist but kept making excuses for not sending him pics and wouldn’t describe herself other than saying she wasn’t fat. He told her he wasn’t interested and she kept harassing him

Update 2014 – A man sent us a pic saying he had met Malinda online and she wouldn’t send anything but face pics. He said she told him she was not overweight but when they met for her date she obviously was. He said she was also obsessed with cats.

One Reply to “Is Malinda LeMay Meza a Player?”

  1. Typical. First they refuse to send full body shots that are current and make you feel bad for asking. Then you get from the waist up, carefully angled so you can’t see the belly rolls. If you then ask for another shot (to get a better view) you are told you’re a pig and calling her a liar. Bitches, so full of it. Thanks for outing this cow.

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